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You Will Create A New Source of Income During This Course. We Are Making 10,000 to 3,00,000 Rupees On Daily Basis From The Stock Market From Our Advanced Strategies.

In-depth Stockmarket Knowledge

You Will Create A New Source of Income During This Course. We Are Making 10,000 to 3,00,000 Rupees On Daily Basis From The Stock Market From Our Advanced Strategies.

A to Z About The Stock Market

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Full time Career

You Will Learn Stockmarket Trading Literally From The Basics Till The Advanced Level In Depth In Our SMAT Course. Even a beginner with no knowledge will become a proud and profitable stockmarket trader in just 30 days!

  A to Z About The Stock Market

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The Best Thing of The SMAT Course is that Here You Will Get Clear Your All Doubts Related to Stock Market During The Live Session.

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30 Days Live session on Zoom

Batch starts from
5th August

English Batch Timing-
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Hindi Batch Timing-
8:45 pm to 9:45 pm

You can access recordings of the lectures

2 Live Trading sessions where you can recover your fees.

Instructed By

Raushan Singh

Founder of “Research In and Out” having more than 300k+ Follower base on our Instagram account @researchinandout. With more than 5 years of experience in stock market, I have already mentored 10,000+ People. Our company has been featured on Hindustan Times too.

You are not the first one to take this. 10,000+ STUDENTS HAVE CHANGED THEIR LIVES:

I have mentored and trained 8000+ people in field of stock market trading & Investing. See what students have to say about us. Many of them have started earning too in stockmarket

What will you learn in the SMAT course?

  1. What is Financial market?
  2. What are different types of market?
  3. What is an IPO? Basic Concept of Market?
  4. How to analyse an IPO?
  5.  What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Market?
  1. What is stock market?
  2. Brief history of Stock market?
  3. How to buy and sell stocks?
  4. What are different types of trading?
  5.  What is Demat account and how to use it?
  6.  What are different types segments of stock market?
  7. Fundamental analysis
  1. How to Place orders?
  2. What are different types of Market conditions?
  3. What is short selling concept? How to do it?
  4. What are different types of Charts?
  1. Different types of candlesticks
  2.  Importance of Candlesticks
  3. How to identify which candle is important
  4.  How to trade based on candlesticks
  1. What is Futures and Options?
  2. What is Option expiry?
  3. How to choose correct Strike Price?
  4. How to read Option data?
  5. What are indicators and oscillators?
  1. Pivot Points
  2.  Fibonacci
  3. RSI
  4. How to do volume analysis?
  5. How to tackle Gap up and gap down?
  6. How to choose stocks for trading?
  1. Learn how to draw Support and resistance.
  2. Learn the importance of time frames in S & R
  3. How to trade based on support and resistance
  1. Learn how to draw trendlines
  2. How to select good stocks for trading?
  3. How to take trade based on breakdown and breakout?
  1. Reversal Pattern
  2. Continuous
  3. Bilateral Pattern
  4. Bullish Pattern
  5. Bearish Pattern
  6. Bullish reversal pattern
  7. Bearish reversal pattern
  8. How to identify the above pattern just looking at chart?
  9. How to trade based on above pattern like a pro?Advance Price Action

In this strategy, you will learn about 2 EMA crossovers which will help you in fetching 1% of stock price target

  1. How to read option chain data?
  2. 4 Option strategy
  3. Option hedging
  4. Everything you need to about F&O
The most important and ignored aspect of trading. In this strategy, you will learn how to utilize your Capital properly and always be in profit
Another most important and ignored aspect of trading. In this you will learn about how to control emotions while trading and in details of Psychology of Trading. Mental analysis over Fundamental and technical analysis

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Your Growth in SMAT Course:

After joining the course, you will be added to the WhatsApp group and you will receive all the details of live classes in the group, we will have a doubt session every day to clear all the doubts before the next class, once all the classes are completed, you will learn how to trade in a live market. After the completion of the course, you will be able to understand the market and can start trading and earning on your own.

See what our students has to say about us:

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Raushan Singh

Founder at Research In and Out [300k+ followers on Instagram]

I am Raushan Singh, Founder of Research In and Out, Being in the field of Stock Market for the last 5 years, I have found out many ways which you can avoid while Trading in Stockmarket if you want to make consistent returns. That’s the reason I am starting the “Stock Market Advance Trading [SMAT] “course with a motive to educate people about Stock Market trading and Investment at a very minimal cost. We have a loyal community of more than 300k+ members on our Instagram account @researchinandout. And our company “Research In and Out” has also been featured on Hindustan Times.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop on the top of the page.

It’s going to be a completely live session of 30+ hours.

Yes, we will be sharing the recordings.

Yes you will receive a certificate of completion, if you finish the entire workshop live.

Definitely yes, if you will follow all the rules. But at the end it totally depends on you how are you trading

You will be taught about the same in the class and you will be getting watchlist for the same.

Only market experience can make you expert. If not expert, then atleast you will know hell a lot about Stock market.

No. We don’t provide refunds on any case. If you are not sure about the course, checkout the content of the course, testimonials, read more about the trainer and take an informed decision. Incase you miss out on attending the live class, we will be providing you the recordings

Write to and our awesome support team will solve your queries in the fastest time possible.

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